56th EHPRG Chair’s Welcome Message


Dear High Pressure colleagues and friends,  

The European High Pressure Research Group (EHPRG) meetings have a long tradition, joining the scientists working on high pressure throughout Europe, being one of the most important occasions to exchange new ideas and disseminate recent advances on high pressure science and technology.  

The 56th EHPRG Meeting in 2018 will take place in Aveiro, a city conveniently located in central Portugal, with origins very linked with the sea, salt production, fishing, and naval construction. Aveiro, a colourful city known as the 'Venice of Portugal‘, is famous for its canals (Côjo, Central, Pirâmides, and S. Roque) that cross the historic center and shape a landscape, where the Moliceiro boat and its art nouveau buildings, portray a story always linked to the Ria de Aveiro (lagoon). Gastronomically, dry salted cod fish, eels, canned fish and the sweets Ovos moles (soft eggs) and Pão-de-ló de Ovar, are examples that delight the visitors.  

Ílhavo, just close to Aveiro, is one of Portugal’s busiest fishing ports and the country’s major place for dry salted cod fish (bacalhau) production, with an award-winning museum, called the Maritime Museum, telling the story of Portugal’s famous fishing traditions, particularly chasing cod on Canada’s east coast, with an aquarium with living bacalhaus.

Created in 1973, the University of Aveiro quickly became one of the most dynamic and innovative universities in Portugal. Now a public foundation under private law, it continues to develop and implement its mission to provide undergraduate and postgraduate education, to generate research and promote cooperation with society, being attended by about 15,000 students. The University of Aveiro is organized in departments and polytechnic and can be characterized as an integrated Higher Education network, encompassing a range of educational opportunities - university, polytechnic and post-secondary.

With its three campi, the University of Aveiro spans the whole Aveiro district. Campus Santiago (the main campus), overlooking the Aveiro lagoon, is a prize-winning Campus, renowned for its many buildings designed by famous Portuguese architects, surrounded by the natural beauty of the old saltpans and only a short distance from the city center.

We are most happy to welcome you and your families to Aveiro and to the University of Aveiro, for a most fruitful and exciting EHPRG 2018 meeting on high pressure science and technology.


Jorge Saraiva
56th EHPRG Chair



The Organizing Committee will consider requests from young researchers for support in attending the conference. The requests are to be submitted after the acceptance of the abstract (either for poster or oral) to Jorge Saraiva by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) - please be sure to receive an email reply confirming the reception of your request. The application for financial help should state the reasons for requesting help and the level of the support required.


dqua organizer

Abreu Events - Porto Office

For general information about the congress, including registration, please contact us at:
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+351 22 204 3680
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